After returning from the AGT Quarterfinals we were contacted by KING TV to make an appearance on their daytime talk show New Day NW.  We spent the day hanging out in the Green Room, being fawned over by the producers and crew and then came our turn on set.


Hanging out in the Green Room

Gabe with host Margaret Larson

Gabe performed a few of his classic tricks as well as demonstrated some obedience skills.

Gabe could tell that Margaret was a genuine animal-lover and he even gave her one of his rare kisses!

…who received a rare kiss from Gabe!

To top off our day it just so happened that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on set that day to promote his new movie “50/50”. While waiting in the wings, he hammed it up with Gabe for a quick photo shoot and then gave a shout out to his new buddy during his interview with Margaret.

Gabe mugging with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Hobnobbing with the Executive Producer

We also got to enjoy sampling some of the wonderful cedar planked salmon and other goodies that were demonstrated during the cooking segment of the show. The cast and crew of New Day NW were wonderful hosts and we had a blast being a part of this fun day on set!