Walter and co-star Ashton Arbab

A short time after Solo and I returned from filming the Stupid Pet Tricks Show I received an excited text from Nadine Singel. Nadine and her husband Marcus co-own Besa’s litter brother Walter with me, and they have devoted their time to training Walter to skateboard and snowboard.

Walter, along with Solo’s son Milo, and their predecessor George (RIP) are internet sensations at SkateboardK9.com (also on Instagram) with multiple viral videos. And it was one such video showing Walter shredding down the slopes on his snowskis that caught the eye of film producer Ari Novak. He immediately contacted the Singels to tell them about his upcoming family film project called “Powder Pup” saying that Walter looked to be a perfect fit for the snowboarding pup in the movie. After a few discussions back and forth, Ari was fully convinced and Walter was offered the part as “Bodi”.

A couple months later, yet another great-great grandson of Gabe, was off to continue his legacy in TV and film. Marcus accompanied Walter to the film location in Showdown, MT where they spent the next three weeks filming the movie. With neither having any previous experience on set, the duo surprised the director and crew by nailing all of their necessary actions quickly and readily. Walter loved “playing” on his board and his expressive face provided the perfect reactions to the drama around him. By the time filming was wrapped, Walter had won the hearts of cast and crew and had gained many more fans!

Powder Pup tells the story of teenager Shaun Kendrick, an avid CA surfer, who is crushed when his Dad moves the family to Montana. Things make a sudden turnaround when he meets a dog who can snowboard. The talented pup sets out to help train Shaun to snowboard and pursue the annual championship competition.

PoWDeR PuP is streaming on Prime Video