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Walter showed an interest in the skateboard not long after he started walking so when I was contacted by my friends Nadine & Marcus Singel of Skateboarding K9, I knew he’d be the perfect puppy for them. The Singels already had a Bulldog Skateboarding phenom named George who was now in his senior years and they were wanting a new recruit to train up.

Mentored by his “big brother” George, Walter quickly began scooting his board around, learning to steer, mastering the bowls and dips at local skate parks and winning the hearts of his adoring public. 

After becoming proficient with his skateboard, Nadine & Marcus introduced Walter to the snowboard (skateboard with skis to replace the wheels) and he was a natural! His videos were discovered by a film producer in the spring of 2021 who approached the Singels about casting Walter in a leading role for his upcoming family movie, “Powder Pup”. Within a couple months Walter was on set in the mountains of Montana, carrying on his Great-great grandpa Gabe’s legacy as a movie star!

Walter loves everyone and makes friends wherever he goes with his winning personality and it was no surprise that he became a favorite among the cast and crew. Passionate about his board–whether on cement or snow–he had a blast snowboarding his way through the script and successfully carried out his theatrical duties. “Powder Pup” premiers in theaters across the country in the Spring of 2024. Sadly George is no longer with us, but Walter is now mentoring a new brother/sidekick, “Milo” in the art of skateboarding. Milo is a son of our boy Solo, so it’s all “in the family” in more ways than one!